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The challenges for water users in Indonesia

  • Water utilities are struggling to provide the required service to their users.

  • Jakarta and several other cities are more and more affected by land subsidence and groundwater depletion.

  • Industrial processes call for improved water quality.

  • A need to strengthen water security.

  • Increasing water and energy costs.

  • Climate change leading to droughts and floods, .

Indonesia and SDG #6

Despite a positive trend, Indonesia is facing huge challenge to meet its SDGs:

  • Almost 70 percent of the Indonesian population do not enjoy safely managed clean water service in their homes.

  • 95% of the Indonesian population depends on private companies and single use plastic bottles for their drinking water.

PT PIPA is engaged from many angles through active partnership with Indonesian and Global Organisations dedicated to meet the SDGs 6 targets. (Cf list of partners)



Since 1998, political or financial crisis, natural disasters or even the Covid pandemic, did not affect our commitment to the country and its citizens. During all these times, we remained engaged and active without any single interruption.

Our expertise has been gathered through many experiences during which technology and performances have been evaluated and adjusted to specifically meet the Indonesian working conditions, Indonesian culture and the Indonesian environment.

  • We integrate the local water service conditions, the societal structure and local wisdoms in our strategy and .

  • Mastering PPP: Indonesian market is generally structured with clear segregation between stakeholders. Public sector is often dissociated from Private one due to different challenges, different targets and different technical solution . PT.PIPA is filling the gaps, thanks to a long, very persistent and dedicated involvement with both the public and the private sector.


  • Showing commitment and dedication, PT PIPA has regularly evolved, has engaged itself and has enjoyed, over 25 years, a very enriching diversity of clients. It included a variety of partners, international or Indonesian, PDAMs and Government bodies,  private sector, NGOs, Multi-lateral donors, Financing institutions, Academic sector and local communities. PT PIPA undertakes projects from a very comprehensive and neutral perspective which often allows for faster and longer lasting results.

  • PT PIPA has a long record in empowering its clients in Indonesia resulting in many sustainability, technology and innovation awards. 


Through its long partnership with Water utilities, PT PIPA has significantly contributed improving leak management, NRW and network efficiency. But, despite striking progress, the big majority of water utilities are still  struggling to provide their services. 


From the business perspective, until recently, water security was not considered as a challenge. Unfortunately, climate change and natural disasters have highlighted the necessity for the private sector to safeguard their own business security, from an improved and responsible water usage. 

  • The market rules have changed and water has now become a source of worry for many professionals who look for safe, economic and quality water. 

  • The increasing water scarcity requires water users to implement circular economy principles that include reducing, recycling and re-using.​ However, water is rarely in their financial priorities.

  • The public realizes now the necessity to ensure the quality of the water that they consume and the need to reduce their dependency on drinking water from single-use plastic bottles.

  • This situation is now offering a unique momentum for PT PIPA to assist you in your water management needs and to promote our expertise to meet the growing demand for water security.

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