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Further to a successful breakthrough in the Indonesian drinking water sector and especially in the hospitality sector, PIPA and Bluewater decided to strengthen their partnership in December 2023. This partnership allows PIPA's clients to enjoy Swedish high-tech drinking water. Together with Bluewater, PIPA can provide a wide array of top quality drinking water solutions for hotels, Restaurants, hospitals or any outlet concerned with an alternative solution to single use plastic bottles.

Water Efficiency Services

PT PIPA provides a wide range of water efficiency services including consultancy, advisory services, sourcing, vocational training,  technical assistance, profit sharing or performance based undertaking.

Together with building owners or utilities managers,  we identify opportunities for sustainability-related initiatives in existing facilities. We then leverage potentials to implement those initiatives with measurable performance indicators. We take a broad approach with an emphasis on network performance, asset value, short/medium/long-term cost savings, in full compliance to regulations.

We orchestrate with facility managers, building engineers, property owners, and client staff to improve building performance and implement best practices across operations.

Tailor-built drinking water solutions

The COVID19 pandemic triggered a new milestone in PT PIPA history. As early as 2019, our R&D team developed, designed and built an integrated revolutionary drinking water concept. Supported by Mercure Convention Center Hotel Ancol - Jakarta, one of our most engaged client in the field of water sustainability, we orchestrated Circular Economy principles, to produce drinking water at the location. Not only we ensure the highest quality criteria thanks to Bluewater "Superior Osmosis" technology, but our solution allows to bottle into glass bottles at the drinking point, hence allowing an alternative to single use plastic bottles.

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Water Audit

Our totally neutral approach guarantees our partners the required evidences to decide about their own water security. Our independence and transparent relationships allow reliable and fast data compilation, reliable performances assessment and simulations. Using proven benchmarks and KPIs, our team will analyze and research special or confidential issues, design and recommend solutions in line with three main objectives; technical efficiency, asset management and short term return on investment

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Engineering and design services

Many of our industrial partners operate aging water technologies or under unclear water regulations. Climate changes require the adoption of a more responsible and pro-active water stewardship. We advise on management for clients seeking for an improved visible and measurable environmental footprint and at same time a positive impact on their business security.

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Our experience and expertise allow a transparent relationship with partners. This allows us to suggest, oversee or even source the most appropriate equipment including pipes, fittings, valves, accessories, data loggers, flow and pressure measurement, sensors, software and remote monitoring instruments, leak detection and leak management solutions, flow regulators, tank instruments, HVAC descaling solutions, water filtration and water purification systems

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Conduct modeling and analysis

(Cost-benefit, comfort), benchmarking and performance measurement: we determine baselines targets and KPI.

We generally implement International benchmarks, but are also in position to determine tailor made solution for specific identified issue.

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Data tracking and management systems

We conduct retro-commissioning services, capital improvements, technical management practices, data collection, data management, communication plans, remote monitoring etc.

We stimulate continuous, replicable and reliable improvement processes and engage our partners in certifications (if required).

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Network management expertise

Based upon our long partnership history with water utilities all over Indonesia, we propose broader network efficiency services to identify and reduce water losses. We suggest solutions against over-consumption to large water users including Hotels and leisure parks, Industrial and Residential Estates, airports, seaports,  Industries ...etc

Our dissemination activities are designed to align "production/consumption" patterns to the 21st century challenges.

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Operation & Maintenance assistance  

We suggest, supervise and monitor installations.

We suggest SOP and supervise installation of required equipment.

We inspect, test, commission, monitor, evaluate and report.

Our latest partnership with BLUEWATER allows us to provide short to medium terms financial facilities associated to our involvement in operations: BOT or BOO

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Vocational Training and capacity building

We facilitate the transfer of know-how, we empower, we integrate and align project teams and client organizations, including subcontractors.

We assess competencies and suggest training protocols designed to existing service conditions.

Our curriculum are designed for any stakeholder involved in Water Sustainability challenges. 


Advocacy and communication

Various partnerships, capacity building efforts and involvements at policy maker levels (Central, provincial, Regional and Local governments, Ministries, Bilaterals, Think tanks and Chambers of commerce) supported by Media and communication partners.

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We facilitate asset management and craft solutions to restrict groundwater usage. We diversify water sources and improve the efficiency of surface water. We propose Effluent management solutions in line with circular economy principles but also focusing on business security.


Government and Policy makers

Our advisory services on water security and global challenges target the broadest spectrum of water stakeholders. We take leadership building synergies.

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Watershed management advisory services

In deficit regions with special reference to institution strengthening and framework improvement. We provide integrated and comprehensive approaches involving the broadest range of stakeholders in watershed resources management.

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